About the new ATEM


 新ATEMはThe Association for Teaching English through Multimediaの略で、「映像メディア英語教育学会」という日本語名です。本学会の前身は1995年3月18日に設立され、頭字語は同じATEMですが、The Association for Teaching English through Moviesで、「映画英語教育学会」と呼称しました。つまり、ATEMは映画というメディアに特化し、英語教育をより活性化することを目的とする学会でした。

(1) 教授法の研究や教材開発
(2) 著作権問題の調査や研究
(3) マルチメディア・コンテンツの精選・分析
(4) 論文、テキストや書籍の執筆、辞書の編纂
(5) データベースの構築

研究発表や情報交換を通して、学会であるからこそ可能なことの実現に取り組んでいます。国際的には、姉妹学会である韓国のSTEM(The Society of Teaching English through Media)と提携し交流も進めています。ATEMは、21世紀の国際化・情報化社会で必要とされる広範な知識経験を交換し合い、研究開発をし、それを蓄積し、社会に貢献できる学会として活動します。 多くの方々がこの学会の趣旨に賛同してご入会くださることを願っています。

About the new ATEM

The new ATEM stands for The Association for Teaching English through Multimedia, which is now called in Japanese "Eizo Eigo Kyouiku Gakkai." ATEM initially started on March 18, 1995, and the acronym used to stand for The Association for Teaching English through Movies. As the old representation implies, we used to promote English language education exclusively through the use of movies.
By slightly changing our official representation, we have succeeded in expanding our academic caliber and parameters. We can now utilize not only movies and dramas, but also other forms of up-to-date audio-visual materials such as TV commercials, newsreels, public speeches, online music clips and advertisements, and so on. Our door is wide open to those who are interested in what the new ATEM is up to.

Activities of ATEM members include the following:
1. development of techniques of classroom instruction using a variety of audio-visual media and evaluation of their effectiveness
2. investigations and reports on copyright and related issues. The results of the research activities are presented at ATEM conferences and published in the ATEM academic journal and other media
3. selection of media for teaching material and evaluation of their usefulness
4. compilation of academic papers, books, and dictionaries
5. creation of a concordance database of an array of audio-visual materials

In fraternal cooperation and collaboration with STEM(The Society of Teaching English through Media) in Korea, ATEM supports and encourages international exchanges. Through a wide exchange of expertise and experiences in an international and global Information Age, and through the production, collection, and evaluation of material and techniques, ATEM hopes to make its small contribution to the enhancement of the world of research, to language education, and to society in general.
We would like to welcome anyone who shares and endorses these ideals with us, regardless of ability in Japanese language, to join our group.

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